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    SBP Trade was established in 2007.

    The company specializes in the wholesale of chemical and commodity products, processing and trading paraffin-wax raw materials, sugar, urea, glycerine and crude vegetable oils.

    We offer not only tailored goods created according to our clients’ needs, but we also have  several product lines with unique formulas.

    We trade environmentally certified products. We use the lab to assure that the quality of the products comply with strict environmental requirements.

    We build long term partnerships by gaining and facilitating trust with our customers and suppliers.

    We use a coherent and effective business management system.

    We build a motivated, professional team which is focused on continuous improvement.

    Why Us?

    We understand the business needs and how operations work. We strive for unconditional fulfillment of contractual obligations to our customers and suppliers. Quality products, agreed delivery timelines must be honored at all times.

    We apply a tailored approach to every customer and order received. We can develop and produce products in accordance with the customer’s requirements thanks to the availability of special equipment and laboratory.

    We are experienced supply and operations professionals who are on the mission to craft supply strategies in order to ensure a smooth supply chain. Yet we always listen and learn in order to assure that customers are satisfied with our products and services.

    We take pride in what we do and we do it well with an extra touch of commitment.