SBP Trade offers an extensive range of high quality petroleum based and natural products - paraffin and palm waxes, various crude vegetable oils imported from partners around the world.


Sample of palm-wax, SBPtrade
Palm wax
SBPtrade sample of paraffin-wax
Paraffin & Wax
Sample of vegetable oil, SBPtrade
Vegetable oil

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Sample of palm-wax, SBPtrade
Palm Wax
Refined white cane sugar ICUMSA 45
Sample of Rapeseed oil, SBPtrade
Rapeseed oil
Sample of Sunflower oil SF 300, SBPtrade
Sunflower oil SF 300
Sample of palm oil, SBPtrade
Palm oil
Sample of Soybean oil, SBPtrade
Soybean oil
SBPtrade sample of paraffin-wax
Fully refined paraffin
Sample of paraffin mass, SBPtrade
Paraffin mass
SBPtrade sample of slack-wax
Slack wax